Artist Statement

My work is fired in a variety of kilns and temperatures, which allows me to experiment with different clay bodies and glazes. In the nine years I’ve been making functional work, I’ve come to appreciate how the life and meaning of a pot grows with its use. More recently, I’ve explored narratives and themes to extend this idea.

For my narratives, I use details of my own relationships and conversations as a starting   point. Then, I draw from other references such as children’s books, traffic signs, retro video games, fabrics and the weather to exaggerate elements otherwise abstract.

Detailed sketches carry my memories from paper to pot. Each pot becomes part of a family, forming a series. Some of the families I’ve worked with are Grocery Lists, Our Home and Appliances, and The Weather Outside. The characters in these series are revealed through a process called Scraffito. In this technique, slip is applied to the clay’s surface while carved incisions create sharp, contrasting lines. Hopefully, these stories and designs will promote laughter and conversation.


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